Do Loft Conversions Need Fire Doors?

If you’re looking to improve your home by providing additional living space for you and your family or to increase property value, then a loft conversion is a sensible option. Widely considered one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of a house without building outwards, loft conversions can be a good choice […]

Do Loft Conversions Require Planning Permission?

Converting your existing loft space is a great way of unlocking the hidden potential of your home, transforming a disused storage area into a modern, functional living space. Loft conversions can take many forms: from bedrooms to play areas, offices to reading rooms. However you choose to upgrade your loft, undertaking this renovation also has […]

Skylights in newly converted loft

Do Attic Conversions Require Planning Permission?

For most of us, an attic is nothing more than a disused space on the top floor that doesn’t add to the home’s overall value or appeal. Many people don’t even use them for storage. But attics can hold the key to increased property value, more space and better functionality in your home. If you’ve […]