North London

Loft Conversions

Since London was first built generations of homeowners have expanded their houses in the only direction possible – upwards. Whether you’re planning on selling up or you’ve settled into your home in Chingford, Enfield, or other areas of North London, a loft conversion takes space that’s often unused in modern London houses and turns it into a cosy, attractive bit of extra space to use as you see fit.

Attic Conversions

Converting an attic can be a pretty involved process, requiring specialists experienced at working at height, new walls, windows, skylights and supports and an entire interior design process on top of that. Refresh Interiors provides experienced, specialist advice, support and assistance in your attic conversion project, adding value to your home. We make your attic conversion an experience rather than a chore, assigning you a 24/7 project director to answer your questions and needs.

Bungalow Conversions

Restyle your living space and turn a North London bungalow into a world-class bespoke home with Refresh Interiors. We can extend traditional bungalows by building towards the side or rear of the house, add a second floor or extension or convert a garage or attic into a whole new space. Refresh Interiors will conduct no-obligation, no hassle assessment and bring in the right skills, supplies and tools to get the job done quickly and on-budget.

Refresh Interiors are Federation of Master Builders certified to provide the best quality bungalow conversion, extension and renovation services to customers across North London. We work with a network of suppliers, craftsmen and professionals to create an all-inclusive bungalow renovation or conversion package. Try us today and get a quote for a hassle-free, straightforward value-improvement operation for your bungalow.

Garage Conversions

Especially in London, with London’s inflated land prices and excellent public transport, every square metre of your property is important and needs to be used to its full extent. A garage conversion can turn wasted space into an elegantly designed new office, bedroom, living room or dining room, making the most of your land and adding value to your home.

Home Extensions

Extensions are a good starter project for a new homeowner or a chance to add up to 20% onto the value of your home, no matter where you live. Refresh Interiors offer full service on extension projects, either taking the lead or letting you set the design and plan for your new rooms. Take advantage of that chunk of unused garden or build that dream TV room you’ve always wanted with Refresh Interiors.

Home Renovations

As the London property market goes through cycles some houses and buildings end up looking a bit worn out. Furthermore, the city provides all kinds of buildings that look beautiful on the outside but just aren’t quite fit for living in. Refresh Interiors are here to help, no matter the age of your property, the scope of your project or the requirements of your planned design. We work with fire and water damage and offer a 24-month guarantee to make sure you’re satisfied.

Refresh Interiors have experienced staff and builders who’ve worked in North London for years, so we know all the difficulties and challenges that come up while working on construction in the city. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.