Loft bathroom conversion

Loft Conversion Ideas For Small Lofts

A well planned home allows you to use every inch of your space to its maximum potential. From traditional ways to maximise space such as conversions and extensions to unprecedented uses of tiny spaces like under stair nooks transformed through award winning concepts by innovative architects, no space is too small to warrant being wasted. […]

Top Home Improvement Tips for a Faster House Sale

If you’re looking to sell a house quickly, preparation is key. From keeping an eye on the property market in the months leading up to your home being listed to ensure you get the best possible valuation, to having a property lined up ready to move into so that the chain moves as quickly and […]

Loft bathroom conversion

Top Loft Conversion Ideas for 2020

New year, new home? You don’t have to move out of your loved home if you’re running out of room–why not convert your unused loft space and open up a new area to grow into? Depending on what kind of space you convert your loft into, you could be adding between 21% and 24.5% to […]

Do Home Extensions Alter Council Tax?

If you’re thinking of extending your property, you’ve probably already looked into the cost of the build and the additional running costs you might incur such as higher heating bills. But did you know that some extensions also alter the cost of your council tax? In this blog post, Refresh Interiors use their industry expertise […]

Do All Loft Conversions Need Steel Beams?

If you’re thinking of having a loft conversion in your home, or are already in the early stages of planning one, a decision you need to make early on is how to ensure that the area structurally sound. This is because, in most cases, the space for a loft conversion does not have internal load […]

Do All Loft Conversions Require RSJ?

Whether you’re planning your loft conversion or have already entered the construction process, the structural integrity of the build is critical to ensuring safety and compliance with the necessary planning and building regulations. More often than not, loft spaces have not been built to withstand the additional weight of a newly built room, with walls […]