Loft Conversions

Loft conversions is one of our core services in Essex, and we’ve got the knowledge, resources and kit to make loft conversions a straightforward, routine job with no surprises or hang ups. We offer complete materials sourcing, supply purchasing, planning and construction through our network of specialists, so whatever you need to turn your loft into an attractive and value-adding living space.

Attic Conversions

Add more space, improve insulation and improve your property value by turning unused attic space into a whole new room. Refresh Interiors have conducted dozens of attic conversions across Essex and we guarantee we’ll provide a bespoke service. Turn your attic conversion from a chore to an experience, with a project director available 24/7 for constant contact to meet all your requirements and a team of skilled local specialists.

Bungalow Conversions

Restyle your living space and turn your Essex bungalow into a bespoke home with Refresh Interiors. We can extend traditional bungalows by building towards the side or rear of the house, add a second floor or extension or convert a garage or attic into a whole new space. Refresh Interiors will conduct no-obligation, no hassle assessment and bring in the right skills, supplies and tools to get the job done quickly and on-budget.

Home Extensions

Get that new dining room you’ve always wanted or expand your home to add a solid chunk to its overall value. Refresh Interiors offer the full service to customers in Essex including supply sourcing, planning, 24/7 advice and skilled local contractors. Whatever the style, scope or purpose of your extension, we’re here to help – and we guarantee you’ll like the results.

Garage Conversions

A well-planned garage conversion using high-quality materials and carried out by skilled workers can take a drafty, under-used space full of junk and turn it into a valuable extra room on your house. Garage conversions are a highly cost-effective way to improve your property’s resale value, and with a project managed and carried out by Refresh Interiors you can be sure you’re investing in your home’s future value.

A good garage conversion adds huge amounts onto a home’s value and makes effective use of otherwise useless space. Don’t worry about approaching multiple suppliers or trying to wrangle builders and contractors – Refresh Interiors offer an all-in-one service, handling problems like planning, supply sourcing, preparation, regulations and anything else that comes up.

Home Renovations

Refresh Interiors are a trusted home renovator among homeowners across Essex and the east of England, both after fire or water damage and in terms of value addition projects. We’re able to rebuild, redesign or even completely remodel your home to meet any standard you require, and we’ll work closely with you to make sure you’re satisfied. Our 24-month guarantee means we’ll take care of any problems or issues that come up during your renovation.

Refresh Interiors work all across Essex to provide home renovation, remodelling and extension services. We’re members of the Federation of Master Builders and we’ve got a long record of excellent projects across the east of England.