Loft Conversion Ideas For Small Lofts

A well planned home allows you to use every inch of your space to its maximum potential.

From traditional ways to maximise space such as conversions and extensions to unprecedented uses of tiny spaces like under stair nooks transformed through award winning concepts by innovative architects, no space is too small to warrant being wasted.

Adding another room can massively increase the functionality, saleability and value of your property. Lofts are a forgotten part of the home, but the truth is they’re a diamond in the rough. This space is wasted by most, often becoming a dark and dingy storage space which gets opened up a handful of times during the year.

But with a good loft conversion team, this unused area of the home has the potential to:

  • Add more than 20% to the value of your property
  • Create an additional room (or more) in your home
  • Add a further storey to your house

Many homeowners with cramped roof spaces think it’s too difficult to make a room in this often neglected space, however we’re here to prove otherwise. Even a small loft conversion has the potential to transform your home. In this blog post, we use our industry expertise to outline some of the best loft conversion ideas for small lofts.

Refresh Interiors


If you’re feeling pushed for space in your home but don’t want the hassle and cost of moving house, utilising your loft space to make a new bedroom is a great option. Adding a bedroom can also increase the interest in your home if it goes on the market, as well as increase its potential resale value by 10%.

Whether you want to create a serene guest room for visitors, a haven for a lucky teenager desperate for their own space or add potential which will help increase value, you can make a good sized bedroom from a loft space—even if your loft is considered small.

More often than not the floorspace isn’t the problem in a loft conversion, it’s the ceiling height. But bedrooms are a popular choice for those looking for loft conversion ideas for small lofts, with pitched ceilings adding both style and cosiness which is perfect for this use.

Cinema room

We’ve all seen the #roomgoals on Pinterest that we lust over. But many of us don’t think we have the spare space or funds to make these dreams a reality.

But Instagram-worthy cinema rooms are easy to achieve in a loft conversion, no matter the size of the space you have to play with.

Home cinema rooms often have a television of projector screen, cosy bean bags and not much else! These rooms are easy to create and with a loft conversion team in place, it really is as simple as that!

And because you’re not taking away from the existing space in your home, these rooms don’t reduce the functionality of your home. What’s more, they can still add value if you decide to sell, making them a sound investment.


For those who work from home, the dream is a designated work space—or better, an office or studio. But for most, the reality is disorganised chaos and a mix of work and home which is far from ideal in any case.

A home office or studio space doesn’t need to be big, it just needs to offer a quiet space fit for purpose and designed for concentration. And that’s why one of the best loft conversion ideas for small lofts is office spaces.

Even the smallest lofts can provide ample space for a desk or work station, and allow you to divide work and home in an effective way while investing in your property.

Games/play room

Whether your lounge looks like it’s just exploded with children’s toys and you’ve just stood on a piece of lego for the hundredth time this week or you want a fun area to socialise with friends and family, designing a games room for your small loft conversion is a great way to use the space to its full potential.

From a space designated to little ones fun, games and dress up clothes that never have to be tidied away again to a fully kitted out games room with pool table, games consoles and all that will really wow your visitors, the size of your loft isn’t an issue here.

Children can run around freely in loft conversions with pitched ceilings, while those looking for larger games room products like pool tables can search for downsized options.

Converting your loft space

We’ve inspired you with some of the best loft conversion ideas for small lofts. Now it’s time to create a unique new space in your home!

If you’d like to see how a loft conversion could improve your property, get in touch with Refresh Interiors today. With decades of experience in the building industry, we have the skill and knowledge to transform the spaces in your home into beautiful new rooms in your property.