Essex Home Renovations

Spruce up your home

Restore an old property, add something new to an existing one or make your home your own. With Refresh Interiors, the usually stressful process of completing home renovations happens with minimal hassle. We provide a complete, quality service that includes planning, project management, supply sourcing and contracting, making things more effortless than ever.

Refresh Interiors is a family run business that employs a highly-trained, reliable local workforce for our home renovations projects. Our high-value service combines the personal values of a local business with the professionalism and experience of a large company. We have been completing home renovations across Essex for over ten years.

Restore the old

As the property market has undergone changes over the decades – and even centuries – there are endless properties in Essex that could use a little TLC to restore them to their former glory. Many people dream of doing up one of these neglected homes to either make it their own or sell it on for profit. But this can seem like a daunting undertaking without the right assistance.

Thanks to our extensive experience, Refresh Interiors can handle everything from water, fire weather or vandalism damage to damp or structural cracking in your property. Our expertise is invaluable for undertaking home renovations.

Refresh the new

The clue really is in our name. We love taking a property that needs some updating or personalising and transforming it into the perfect home or real estate investment for our customers. We streamline the entire home renovations process, from contacting the contractors and suppliers to sourcing the necessary workforce and liaising with the local authorities, making things as straightforward as possible.

Refresh Interiors has the invaluable experience, substantial resources, skilled talent and first class equipment to complete an outstanding home renovation project without the usual roadblocks.

24 month guarantee

As well as our exceptional, high-quality service, Refresh Interiors offer a full 24 month guarantee for all of our home renovations projects. Unforeseen problems are highly unlikely, but should they occur, their safe repair will be in the hands of our experienced workforce. We also offer extended warranties of up to ten years as members of the Federation of Master Builders. For more information regarding our guarantee and warranty options for our customers, please ask us during your free assessment.

Request a free assessment and quote

Call Refresh Interiors today to arrange a no-obligation, hassle-free quote and assessment. We will meet with you to talk through your options, as well as answering any questions you may have.