St Albans


Refresh Interiors provide over 10 years experience in skilful carpentry and joinery services to the St Albans area. This includes fitted wardrobes to suit the dimensions and appearance of your bedroom.

We aim to provide a quality solution to your bedroom storage needs, because we know that no matter how hard you try, if your bedroom is oddly shaped then it’s difficult to find the perfect way to fit everything in, without having to find somewhere else to store your clothes and shoes.

Update your bedroom

The perfect way to maximise space and bring a modern, sleek look to your bedroom is to install a fitted wardrobe. Our bespoke designs mean you can fit everything in effortlessly, no matter how much clothing or accessories you have, making the most of every inch of space from floor to ceiling.

Our fitted wardrobes at Refresh Interiors can be designed in a range of colours and designs, and a finish to suit your bedroom. Our bespoke designs mean you will have a wardrobe that no one else has, and your bedroom becomes unique to you.

Designed to Your specification

We have the greatest confidence that we will provide a specifically designed and fitted wardrobe solution to suit your needs, as in the past our designers have overcome the most difficult of problems and awkward spaces. We do all this while making sure we use the highest quality materials, ensuring your bedroom is designed to your exact specification.

Style and finish

There are numerous door styles and finishes to choose from, which you can see in our portfolio.

Our fitted designs make use of all available space, floor to ceiling, so that as well as a design that suits your taste, you’ll also be making the most of your property, perhaps increasing its value in the long term . We’ll work with you to achieve the exact look and feel you require, so you go from feeling like you’re growing out of your home to fitting back in right where you belong.