Hertfordshire Home Renovations

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home and add a bit of value or restore a run-down old property into something truly special, you can’t go wrong with Refresh Interiors to provide quality home renovation services and support.

At Refresh Interiors, we know that a renovation project will be a major expenditure for you and as such we aim to provide a complete service including planning, project management, supply sourcing and contracting. We’re a family-run business built from the ground up to provide our services, so we provide a local, reliable workforce across Hertfordshire and a personal touch for our clients.

Restore the old

Old, abandoned or neglected buildings are a daunting prospect to bring up to basic standards of habitability let alone to the high standards of a modern property, but at Refresh Interiors we have the experience and the knowledge to make it look easy. We’re an experienced company able to handle water, fire, weather or vandalism damage, damp or structural cracking, so no matter what’s happened to your Hertfordshire home we’ll have it cleared up once again.

Refresh the new

If you’re looking to climb the property ladder a home renovation can be just the thing to give your house that little extra touch of pizazz. We streamline the process to reduce the amount of contractors and suppliers you need to contact, bringing in our own people to handle plastering, tiling, flooring, wallpapers, painting, plumbing, heating and carpentry. Refresh Interiors has the talent, resources and tools to provide great home renovation across Hertfordshire, working from initial assessment to final completion.

24 month guarantee

With quotes for full property renovation or specific room work, Refresh Interiors UK provide a flexible, scalable service that lets you keep control of your budget. We’ll recommend the right materials, tools and processes to make your renovation possible or let you take the lead to turn your home into a dream. We aren’t just good at loft conversions – we’re one of Hertfordshire’s best renovation services for entire homes.

We offer a full 24 month guarantee in every contract, so if you aren’t delighted with the work we’ve put in we’ll take care of your concerns straight away. We’re fully accredited members of the federation of master builders, able to offer longer warranties of up to ten years for major projects. We’ll make sure you come away happy.